Apply Now

Application Criteria

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be sober from drugs and alcohol
  • Must be able to walk/climb stairs
  • Must not have a prior conviction of arson or sexual crime

Application Process

Submit Application
  • We accept applications on a rolling basis.
  • You can submit the application by email or fax.
  • You can request an application through our website or by calling our office.
Telephone Interview
  • After we receive the application, we will process it and contact you to set up a telephone interview. In most cases, there will be a decision made by the end of the interview.
Schedule a Move-In
  • After you are accepted to the Faith House, we will coordinate a move-in that works for our team and you.
Move-in Details
  • On move-in Day you will be greeted by our staff at the house.

Providing clean, safe, comfortable space needed for individuals to succeed in their recovery.